How To Use Color To Enhance Your Apartment Decor

For people that are new to the apartment life, they might feel as though they don’t have many options in the decorating department. But just because you have a limited amount of space and often can’t paint on the walls doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a world of drab and dreary. By incorporating throw pillows, art, and furniture while following a coordinated color scheme, you can create a space that reflects your personality while also energizing the area. Here are a few tips to help make your space uniquely you!

Use Neutrals Anywhere (and Everywhere!)

If you are looking for a short term solution for your apartment decor, stick with a neutral palette. This turns the room into a versatile atmosphere that can be interpreted by guests as both lively and relaxing. Use shades like grey, white, and beige to act as the perfect backdrop for accent pieces and bright artwork. Alternatively, if you’d like to keep color to a minimum, incorporate wood accents to add dimension as the grainy design goes great with earth tones.

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